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Direct Marketing is the most effective and personable form of advertising, argues Purple Reign managing director

Leopold Johnson, Purple Reign’s managing director, has detailed his passion for the sales and marketing sector in a recent statement

The entrepreneur has explored the concept of face-to-face marketing strategies, an area in which the firm specialises, and its effect on customer acquisition and retention.

The entrepreneur has relayed the dramatic effect personalised direct marketing can have in regards to consumers as opposed to large-scale advertising strategies, such as billboards and television advertisements. A study by Usabilla, 2015 supported this statement, finding that a personalised experience resulted in 56% of consumers detailing their intent to buy.

Purple Reign explores the scientific aspects that support face-to-face marketing campaigns; psychologists have detailed the chemical exchanges that happen between individuals that meet face-to-face, strong bonds can subsequently be enhanced through a simple handshake.

Purple Reign: About the firm.

Strong brand exposure is the primary reason Purple Reign has become experts in direct marketing, understanding that the opportunity for consumers to meet their dynamic brand ambassadors results in the business efficiently conveying their client’s message. A study by Bizzabo, 2017 found that up to 80% of marketers believe that face-to-face interactions and events are critical to their company’s success.

Visibility in the consumer sphere is the most significant benefit of direct marketing, explores Johnson, continuing to develop the skills and qualities of Purple Reign’s contractors to enhance consumer relationships. Researchers found that 95% of marketers agree that live events and in-person interactions with brands provide potential consumers with an invaluable opportunity to form strong in-person connections in a rapidly developing digital environment (Bizzabo, 2017).

Purple Reign has seen rapid success since their inception with impressive testimonials from consumers and clients alike, with Johnson detailing the importance of their personalisation capabilities.

“I would like to stress that you are a highly valued channel for us and that we are committed to this partnership and making it a success for all of us. We can move forward together and develop a long-term relationship. Thank you for all your continuing efforts and commitment,” stated the Managing Director for the firm’s loyalty subscription client.

Purple Reign is excited about the future of the direct sales and marketing industry, and is eager to continue their success in the sector. The firm is eager to continue their productive form of personable services, continuing to provide visibility, and generate lasting consumer relationships for their clients.

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